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Geological trail on Mount Canin, Prealpi Giulie Regional Park (I), Photo by PNPG Archive - Marco Di Lenardo

Transboundary Parks

These pages aim to introduce you to the topic of Transboundary Protected Areas in Europe as well as to the EUROPARC programme "Transboundary Parks - Following Nature's Design". Please use the links on the right to browse through the information and don't hesitate to contact the EUROPARC Federation for more information on the theme or on our tranboundary park initiative.

The EUROPARC Federation and TBPAs

The concept of transboundary cooperation between protected areas has only recently been raised to a position of prominence in Europe. This is why one of the aims of the EUROPARC Federation is to encourage and facilitate inter-regional cooperation on nature protection issues, with a particular emphasis on supporting transboundary cooperation and establishing new protected areas in border regions.

The Federation promotes raising awareness on the common responsibility for the border regions as well as values and benefits of transboundary cooperation between protected areas, thus providing for greater European integration in nature protection and translating the common European vision into practice.

Our efforts on meeting the demand for guidance on the promotion of best practice in transboundary cooperation in Europe focuses on the 'Transboundary Parks - Following Nature's Design' initiative. This is a special verification and certification system that aims to promote and facilitate transboundary cooperation between European protected areas.

There are four elements to the system: the unique EUROPARC Basic Standards for Transfrontier Cooperation, which protected areas strive to fulfil, an evaluation process carried out by external verifiers, the formal certification as a „EUROPARC Transboundary Area” at the end of the process if enough basic categories are fulfilled and the renewal of the certificate in a re-evaluation process every five years.

Together the Basic Standards, the evaluation and certification process provide a unique support system for protected areas engaged in transboundary cooperation in Europe. The system sets the standard for transboundary cooperation, to which all TBPAs should aspire.

There are currently 10 certified EUROPARC Transboundary Areas, formed by 23 protected areas in 13 countries. The TBPAs should form a network of best practice examples in transboundary cooperation and provide technical support to other European TBPAs.

For more information on TransParcNet meetings, reports and presentations, click here.

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